Yama Children’s Healing Clinic

Children’s Healing Is delivered by a hands on method & just above or around the body area in a gentle sensitive manner Yama children’s healing clinic

Yama Children’s Healing Clinic

Yama Children’s Healing Clinic Available to babies & children of all ages up to 16 years.
*Angelic Energy healing
* Gentle Spiritual healing/ spiritual clearings
*Rahanni Cestial healing treatments
*Teen Readings & guidance therapy (parental consent required)
*Education for sensitive/psychic Children/Teens.
*Self-empowerment through workshops/Meditation/yoga classes.
*Support and Information for parents, guardians of Empathic/sensitive/psychic children.
Benefits of child healing:
* Eases Physical pain
* Aids and assists healing with current existing medical conditions.
*promotes relaxation, & understanding relaxation practice. *helps to aid the clearing of energy imprints due to emotional or physical traumas experienced by children , major or minor.
*Eases anxieties
*Healing treatments Clears the child’s aura of any negative energy absorption they may have encountered unknowingly.
*Enhances self-care and inner confidence.
*Eases confusion for the child.
*Aids sleep disturbances/night terrors or fears.
*Works excellently alongside conventional medical treatments enhancing and activating the child’s own healing abilities within.
*salt therapy available for children , excellent assistance for sinus/lung/asthma conditions.

Children’s Healing Is delivered by a hands on method & just above or around the body area in a gentle sensitive manner, this occurs with parental/guardian consent/attendance. Children do not have to sit or lie still but the aim is just relaxation and feeling safe within in the beautiful salt therapy treatment rooms.

Yama Children’s healing Clinic promotes Emotional intelligence skills & assistance by educating children on mental, emotional/energetic and physical health & wellbeing, through ongoing available Classes/camps and workshops. These classes and workshops Encourage coping skills/tools to deal with emotional challenges, self- awareness this not only benefits their child years but enhances their teen and adult future.

Children can be very sensitive up to 7 years and this eases off up until teens years where teens tend to become psychic again have experiences, or emotional distress because they are going through brain rewiring and bio chemistry changes as well as peer pressure issues etc. This is where healing at a young age can benefit children so much.


All healing treatments are approx. half hour maximum.

Cost €40

Book Now: 083 3498320